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Samara Haver, class of 2006, studies underwater soundscapes

Posted on Oct. 17, 2017

Samara on a boat

Samara Haver, Riverdale class of 2006, is a Ph.D. student at Oregon State University, and one of the newest additions to the Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program.

She studies soundscapes, or the collection of all sounds in an underwater area, at twelve different locations, including national parks and national marine sanctuaries.

Human-made noises – from ships, for example – can mask important natural audio cues, making it difficult for animals to communicate with each other, hunt or even avoid predators.

Because marine soundscape research is relatively new, it’s up to Haver to develop and apply new methods to pinpoint key acoustic qualities within and among the listening locations. Her research can be used to better protect species and habitats sensitive to noise.

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