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Field Studies news - Wildhorse, other plans and reminders

Posted on Nov. 8, 2018

students hold hands while walking across logs

Freshmen and student leaders will experience Wildhorse, as usual, during Field Studies week. We will be at Camp Collins, near Sandy, Oregon. Attending Wildhorse is very important for all freshmen. It is not a typical “camp” experience; instead, students bond in meaningful ways as a group during five days and four nights away. A big contributing factor in being able to build a 3-year sustainable plan for Wildhorse was the remaining funds from the Field Studies enrichment paddle raise from the auction two years ago. Thanks again to all who contributed! 

Teachers are working on creative new ideas for sophomores, juniors and seniors that do not include overnight stays. Options will be formally announced in plenty of time to organize. 


  • Please be certain to pay your Field Studies fee, so this valuable program can be maintained.
  • Please do NOT plan to start your Spring Break vacation early. Field Studies is from Monday, March 18 through Friday, March 22. Most activities are finished by 4 p.m. on that Friday. Spring Break is from Saturday, March 23 until Sunday, March 31.