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Developing financial literacy

Posted on Dec. 21, 2018

RIVERDALE HIGH SCHOOL – For everyone who’s ever said personal finance should be taught in high schools, you’re not alone. That’s why non-profit Financial Beginnings sends financial industry professionals into high schools to lead free financial literacy workshops. And why Riverdale has made this program a part of the curriculum this year. 

So far, sophomores and seniors have explored banking, budgeting and credit. Throughout the spring, they’ll dive into investing and risk management. Juniors explored career/education paths, along with financing college. Next they’ll address managing debt accumulation, interest, credit, investing and managing risk.

Students have been quite receptive to the lessons and resource materials, which are designed to help them achieve their financial and life goals. 

"They've been great!" says junior Devin Chek, who adds that high school students have been asking for classes about money, and how to manage it. 

"I have a new understanding and appreciation for how important it is to know about finance," says junior Catherine Armstrong.