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April 24: Join us for District Arts Night

Posted on April 15, 2019

You’re invited to celebrate the arts at Riverdale!  

Riverdale District Arts Night

Wednesday, April 24
6-8 p.m.
Riverdale High School
9727 SW Terwilliger Blvd., Portland

Featuring artwork by PreK-12 students and a variety of musical performances.

Year after year, Riverdale continues to demonstrate its commitment to both visual and performing arts. Students at both the grade school and high school experience an extensive curriculum in the visual arts and a strong program for musical expression.  
Riverdale District Arts Night spotlights the creative endeavors our students have been undertaking all year.  
The high school building will be filled with a wide range of visual art produced by students in PreK-12th grade. Plus, there will be a variety of musical performances throughout the evening from middle school and high school students.  
Please join us to celebrate the arts and our talented artists!


Riverdale students talk about the arts

Arts Tax: Your Tax Dollars At Work The Regional Arts & Culture Council created a series of videos to celebrate the arts in our schools and remind our communities about the benefits of the Arts Tax. Riverdale School District is one of six school districts that receives funding from the City of Portland's Arts Education & Access Fund (Arts Tax). We have even more reason to be thankful for the generous support of our community and the Riverdale School Foundation.
Here are two videos featuring Riverdale Grade School students discussing the benefits of their visual arts and music curriculum. Click on an image to view the video on YouTube.
still frame of video featuring student talking about arts education
"Art and music have affected my education because they help me become more focused with what I am learning in my subjects."
still frame of video featuring students talking about arts education
"Some things I’ve learned in music and art is that being creative doesn’t always mean creating new things. It can also mean thinking about new things and thinking out of the box. And it can be used in any subject, not just art and music."