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Riverdale High School Receives International Accreditation

Posted on Sept. 27, 2019

With Riverdale High School’s college-bound culture, it’s no surprise that this assessment showed when it comes to delivering instruction, RHS teachers do so in a manner that one might see in a college or university. 

In this new international accreditation process that was much more in depth and rigorous, AdvancED examined the whole institution, looking at RHS programs, culture and community stakeholders. 

The findings of this process support the high school’s practices, showing that RHS exceeds expectations for implementing processes to identify and address the specialized needs of learners as well as providing programs and services for learners’ educational futures.

According to the AdvancED Eleot (Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool) Observations, Riverdale excels at providing a digital learning environment, fitting into the district’s strategic plan to effectively integrate innovative instruction and learning environments into curriculum. 

Communication with external and internal stakeholders is ingrained into the day-to-day operations with strategic communication encouraging inclusivity and engagement according to the engagement review team. During interviews with nearly 100 stakeholders from every group, questions revealed responses that affirmed transparency, timeliness and availability. Many spoke to the newer approaches of integrating the use of social media including Facebook, Twitter and others. Also, parents, who the report said were very active in the school’s daily operations,  commented that they receive regular information from the school through email. 

The insights provided by Eleot data are an invaluable source of information for continuous improvement planning efforts.