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RHS State Summative Assessments 2020-21

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Riverdale High School

State Summative Assessments 2020-21

Dear Parents and Guardians,
This has been a year like no other. Thank you for working with us to ensure a strong finish to the 2020-21 school year. We appreciate your support and patience. As the end of the school year approaches, we wanted to inform you about end-of-year testing.
What tests will my child take in 2020-21?
Students will take fewer tests in 2020-21 than in previous years. Those tests will also be shorter. To find out which tests your child will take, see the table below.
All required tests will be available on site. The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) is not supporting remote test administration. We will be contacting all 11th grade students/families to schedule test administration at our site testing center. Students will not need to miss class in order to participate in state testing. 
You may ask for your high school student to participate in the optional science test. To ask for an optional test, contact Sarah Hansen. Optional tests are taken on site, just like required tests.
Why is testing different in 2020-21?
Oregon’s leaders understand that factors like the COVID pandemic have made a big impact on the state, so ODE shortened the tests and reduced the number of tests students need to take. 
How do I opt my student out of testing?
To decline testing for your student, see the table below.
Required Test
How to Decline
House Bill 2655 permits parents and guardians to annually opt-out of Oregon’s summative statewide assessments in English and Mathematics.
Complete the ODE Opt-Out form located here. Return a copy to Sarah Hansen.
You have the right to decline Science testing for religious or disability reasons. Note, science testing is not required for high school students this school year.
How will state testing affect graduation requirements for current students?
The State Board of Education has suspended the Essential Skills graduation requirements for the graduating classes of 2021 and 2022. Current juniors and seniors do not need to demonstrate proficiency on a state or national standardized assessment in order to graduate.
Where can I learn more about testing?
ODE developed a series of video modules that answer the following questions, available in both Spanish and English:
  • How does ODE make sure that our statewide summative assessments are fair and accessible? 
  • What assessments does my child take and what are the purposes for each? 
  • How did my child do on the state assessments? 
  • How can I support learning at home?
  • Where do I go if I have questions about assessment?
Please contact RHS Assessment Coordinator Sarah Hansen with any questions or concerns about state standardized testing.