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May 27 - Riverdale High School News

Riverdale High School

Thursday, May 27

Riverdale High School News


Special Finals Schedule: June 7 through June 11

We will have a special schedule for the last week of school to support finals. Students and families, PLEASE review this schedule carefully. Seniors, as we do every year, your teachers will work with you to complete finals by the end of your last day (June 4). 
For all students 9th through 11th grade, here is the schedule for June 7-11:

Schedule for Next Week

  • Monday, May 31 - Memorial Day (No School)
  • Tuesday, June 1 - ODD 9/10th hybrid 
  • Wednesday, June 2 - EVEN 9/10th hybrid 
  • Thursday, June 3 - ODD 11/12th hybrid 
  • Friday, June 4 - EVEN 11/12th hybrid
SENIORS: Please remember that seniors’ last day for classes is Friday, June 4.


Forecasting: Giving input on Preferences for Elective Courses 

We ask that you please work together as a family to complete forecasting through the online tool, by Friday, May 28. If you need assistance, please contact Cheryl Wright or Kelsey Kaul. Here is the link to the tool for completing forecasting:
Forecasting Guidance
Course Guide

Guest Speaker: Holocaust Survivor, Evelyn Banko

This Friday, May 28 from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m., we will have a guest speaker virtually joining us from the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education. Evelyn Banko was a young child when her home city, Vienna, was seized by Nazi Germany. She and her family had to flee after they were warned about their impending deportation to a concentration camp. They lived in a number of places throughout the next few years as they struggled to find a safe community. She will be speaking with us about her life experiences and recollections from that time. Learn more about her background here.
You can join us at the following webinar link.

Update on Graduation

Senior Students and Families,
We are excited to inform you that you can now have FIVE guests attend graduation. Cheryl Wright will be sending out a survey to find out who needs all 5 tickets and who needs more than 5 (if possible). Parking, for RHS staff and families, will be in the onsite parking garage. The garage has direct access to entering the commons area where graduation is being held. Rose Quarter security staff will be directing everyone where to go, and reminding everyone of distancing, mask protocol, and sanitizing. We are very thankful to the team at the Rose Quarter for their work with us. 
Seniors will need to be at the Moda Center at 3 p.m. on June 8 for rehearsal. Once the graduates have arrived at Moda, we will have a run-through of the graduation ceremony, and then the seniors will be sequestered until the ceremony begins. 
Cap and gown pick up is Friday, June 4 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Seniors on campus for hybrid can also pick up after they are dismissed at 3:40 p.m.
Graduation will be June 8, 2021 at 5 p.m. 
Please Note: All attendees (Staff, Students, Families and Guests) will be required to wear masks.

RHS Summer School Announcment 

We have some exciting learning opportunities for RHS students this summer. If you have interest in taking a short enrichment course, getting support with credit recovery, or participating in a mental health wellness program, please fill out the following RHS Summer Program.  
Complete the Survey Here


Academic Supports

We want to remind you that as we approach the end of the year and you work hard to finish your classes, we have several supports in place to get you through the next couple of weeks! Please make use of them as needed! We hope you have a successful end of the year!  
  • Teachers are available to help; students just need to email or ask in class. Students are able to access a “Virtual Office Hours” document through their Advisory Google Classroom that details teacher office hour availability. 
  • There is also an after school, virtual study hall hosted by Mr. Comstock after school every day. Students can go to when logged into their Riverdale accounts to see the meet time and link for the day. 
  • Seniors needing help with physics or math can get help from Dr. Klein blocks 1,2 (Tues) and 4,5 (Wed) at and on Thurs. and Fri. 3:3:40-4:30pm in the Maverick room (5/27 and 5/28).  
    • We are now offering after school, in-person study hall time in the library.  
    • This will be after every hybrid day for the grade levels attending hybrid that particular day.  
    • Students who are not signed up for hybrid need to contact us if interested. 
    • To sign up (space is limited), contact Lisa Stiller
    • The staff members who host the study hall will vary depending on availability.  
If you have any concerns or questions about how we can help your students do their best as we approach the end of the school year, please contact your student's teacher. Mr. Kaul or Ms. Stiller are also happy to help! 


Important dates

  • Monday, May 31 - Memorial Day (No School)
  • Tuesday, June 8 - Graduation
  • Friday, June 11 - RHS Last Day of School