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District Arts Site is Live!

District Arts Site is Live!

The 2020-21 Riverdale District Arts Night Site is now live! While District Arts Night was again unable to happen in-person this year, our GS and HS art teachers once again got creative to display the phenomenal work of their students. Be sure to scroll down on the homepage to view the RGS artwork. 

From GS Art Teacher Ms. Randall

This year has been unlike any other, and this year's Arts Night (Site) is also unlike any other. Even last year, most of the work was done in person. This year, most work was created from home. For that, I thank students and parents for finding time in your lives to create, make, and enjoy art. The work this year, from all levels, shows so much about what was learned and about who kids are. They pulled from their lives and experiences to create, and that is so lovely. Students chose the work to contribute and sent it to me. While this is not a comprehensive collection of all that was made, it is a representation of what students were proud of and of what they accomplished. Also included in this site are some of the grade school music performances that were also recorded from home. Ms. Hanke and I are so proud of what everyone created in a challenging time. 
*If you find a mistake or would like to still contribute work to this site, I am happy to edit and make changes. We have all learned to adapt and edit in this virtual world and one of those this year was how work was submitted. I want to make sure to include anyone who wants to share a piece of art with the community. To submit a piece, email a high quality photo of the work with the student's name and grade in the subject line. I can accept changes through June 4. 
Artfully Yours, 
Liz Randall

From HS Art Teacher Mr. Orton 

It's no secret that the majority of artwork for this site was created at kitchen tables, on the floor, in the backyard or whatever space Riverdale artists could carve out for themselves. This was a challenging year, yet solid ideas were expressed in interesting ways, and thoughtful as well as beautiful original works of art continued to be made and shared in every art class each school day.
This RHS artwork was taken from class “gallery walks” where students would post work in order to receive praise and feedback from other students. Our art community has persevered and continues to make solid work while sharpening skills and ideas to be used in the RHS art studio next year and beyond. The work that you see on the District Arts Site is a tribute to the amazing things that have been made in art class this year. 
If any RHS students would like to include additional artwork for the site, please email me by June 4, and I will add it! 
Mr. Orton
Click here to view the District Arts Site
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