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Oct. 18 Riverdale School District News

Monday, Oct. 18

Riverdale School District News


Covid Screening Testing Update

Although our original testing start date was delayed a week, we are now set to begin on Wednesday, Oct. 20. A separate communication was sent to families who have opted into the program with further instructions. 
If you missed the Oct. 4 deadline and would like to opt in for the next round of screening testing, please email You will later be sent an Adobe Sign form to complete in order to enroll in the program. 
View Program FAQs here.
If you missed this announcement, you can read all of the information from the enews here. 

College Corner

Service Learning at RHS

While Riverdale is re-evaluating the service hours requirements for this year’s senior class, we have traditionally required at least 90 hours of community service. Service projects better help students connect with the diversity in their communities and participate in societal change. This later proves valuable when students report up to 10 extracurriculars on their college applications. Whereas many students have trouble coming up with a few, Riverdale students often have trouble deciding which ones to put in the available slots. This is important because not only are college admissions teams looking at grades within the context of hours spent doing other things, but they are also looking at what those activities may say about a student’s interests, ideals, and passions. We spent the spring calling and emailing organizations across the city, and if you haven’t looked at our revamped Service Learning Opportunities list, I really encourage you to do so. 
- Robert Lovvorn, RHS College Counselor  


Halloween Message

Dear Families, 
Halloween is quickly approaching. While dressing up and celebrating the holiday provides opportunities for fun and community building, they can also create situations where students inadvertently dress in a way that can be problematic and even hurtful. We are asking you to join us in helping ensure that students are thoughtful about the costumes that they are wearing to school. Being proactive can help all of us to avoid uncomfortable situations at school and can help us ensure that Halloween is a time where all students feel safe and honored. 
Please talk with your student to make sure that the costume that they have selected does not portray a stereotyped image of a culture or group of people. In addition, please help students to make sure that their costume is not offensive to any racial, ethnic or religious group, any people with disabilities or illnesses, or any other group of people. Costumes should not become opportunities to turn a person’s identity into a stereotyped image. While students might choose to dress as a famous person or character whose identity is different than their own, please reinforce the importance of not darkening skin or using makeup to change a child’s skin color to match the person who they are dressing up to be. Students are often unaware of the long history these traditions have of causing harm and need our help in understanding why it can be hurtful and problematic.  
Some examples of costumes that can be problematic include: Native American costumes involving headdresses or feathers, dressing as a homeless person, dressing as a person with any physical or mental disability, or dressing in any costume that portrays a narrow or negative stereotype about a specific ethnicity, religion or race.  
If you are looking for further resources in order to better understand this issue, here are two articles with information:
We look forward to celebrating with all of the students on Halloween and appreciate your help in making sure that it is a fun day for everyone. If you have any questions at all regarding the day, please feel free to reach out.  

Dr. Jeff Harding, Riverdale School District Superintendent 
Abby Rotwein, Riverdale School District Director of Equity and Inclusion


In the Mood to Include:

A monthly opportunity for community learning about diversity, equity, and inclusion

We had a great first session in September! I will be repeating the same content for our second session in October for those who missed the previous one.
Our second session: Wednesday, October 20th, from 5-6:30 p.m.  
The topic: Language Around Race
Session summary: Language is always evolving. Words that may be commonly used at one point in time may be considered a slur at another point in time. It is important to keep up on language so that we are not causing unintentional harm. In this session, you will learn contemporary language around race, such as: what acronyms mean, what words to use when, and how to use person-first language.  
Who: This content of this session is appropriate for all adults and for students who are in 3rd grade and up.
How to join: Register here to receive the Google Meet link
-Abby Rotwein (she/her), Director of Equity & Inclusion

Athletic Highlights

High School

  • 10/8 Boys varsity soccer vs. Horizon Christian 5-0 win
  • 10/11 Boys JV soccer vs. Kennedy High School 7-3 loss
  • 10/12 Boys varsity soccer vs. Catlin Gabel 3-0 loss
  • 10/12 Girls varsity soccer vs. Catlin Gabel 3-0 loss
  • 10/14 Varsity volleyball vs. OES 3-2 loss
  • 10/15 Boys varsity soccer vs. De La Salle Catholic 4-2 win
  • 10/15 Girls varsity soccer vs. De La Salle Catholic 7-0 win

Grade School

  • 10/11 Volleyball vs. Portland Christian 2-0 win
  • 10/13 Boys 7/8 soccer vs. Corbett 10-2 win
  • 10/13 Volleyball vs. West Hills Christian 2-0 win
  • 10/14 RGS Girls Cross Country Team took 1st Place & boys placed 5th at the Catlin Gabel Invitational
  • 10/15 Volleyball vs. OES 2-0 win

Important Dates

  • Monday, Oct. 25 - Board Meeting at 6 p.m.
  • Thursday, Nov. 11 - Veterans Day (No School)
  • Nov. 22-26 - Thanksgiving Break