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Oct. 21 Riverdale High School News

Riverdale High School

Thursday, Oct. 21

Riverdale High School News



Junior College Night: Oct. 21 6–7 p.m.

There is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding how some institutions will address the 2022–2023 applicant cycle, but here we will spend a significant amount of time helping students and families prepare for how to navigate the year to come as well as how to begin exploring opportunities to engage with schools in which one may be interested. 
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New Classes at RHS 

Hello Everyone,
We have great news about new courses we’re offering! Some are in response to needs identified by students and the community (Adv. Physics, French) and some come from needs identified by our staff (Organizational Leadership and Service). There is a lot of excitement around these courses, and we encourage you to read the course descriptions and fill out the form at the link below to indicate your interest. Thank you to our fabulous staff for their efforts to meet the needs of our students and parents!  - Principal Hawkins
New Course Offerings Form
Hello Riverdale,
We have an exciting new elective opportunity in our science department that we would like to introduce, Advanced Physics. All students currently taking or enrolled in calculus or a higher math this year are invited to forecast for Advanced Physics for the winter and spring terms. This is a calculus-based physics course that covers many of the topics presented in physics 10 but is designed to prepare the students for the AP Physics exam offered by the College Board. This is a two-trimester class but, as this course is being introduced midyear, students may forecast for either winter or spring terms. Enrolling and completing Advanced Physics will fulfill the physics 12 science credit required to graduate. Students may take both physics 12 and Advanced Physics if desired as these courses cover different content areas within physics. If you have any questions about Advanced Physics, please drop by room 100 to chat with Mr. Sharp or the main office to talk to Cheryl.
- Mr. Sharp

Course description: Adv. Physics  

Advanced Physics is a two-trimester lab science course designed to prepare students for the AP Physics exam encompassing mechanics. This course will dive into the topics covered in physics 10, Newtonian Mechanics, with a strong emphasis that includes frequent use of differential and integral calculus. Use of labs and demonstrations will reinforce and extend theoretical and practical concepts learned in class. This course follows the College Board standards to prepare students for the AP Physics (Mechanics) exam in May.

French Courses

Riverdale High School is proud to welcome Kim Christensen to the teaching staff. She comes to RHS with 17 years of teaching experience at one of the largest high schools in the state. While passionate about all things French, she is also an avid gardener and world traveler. Kim received a masters in teaching from Lewis and Clark College after completing her French studies at Gonzaga University. Kim is very excited to reestablish the French program at Riverdale High School and perhaps lead some student trips to France in the future. Students who are interested in studying French should email questions to

Organizational Leadership and Service

Organization Leadership and Service is designed to provide students with the tools, time and space they need in order to accomplish their respective club or organization’s goals. Leadership representatives from any officially approved club, committee or organization are encouraged to enroll. Students who wish to start or revitalize a club, committee or organization are also welcome to join.
Over the course of the term students will read and discuss relevant and current models of leadership, meet with district officials and the PTC, and work in club-specific committees to develop service opportunities, school-wide activities and curriculum for initiatives ranging from Advisory to Peer Tutoring to No Place for Hate. Guest speakers from a variety of different organizations are invited to speak (virtually) about their experience, recommended practices, management style, and how to engage participation in service work.


Halloween Message

Dear Families, 
Halloween is quickly approaching. While dressing up and celebrating the holiday provides opportunities for fun and community building, they can also create situations where students inadvertently dress in a way that can be problematic and even hurtful. We are asking you to join us in helping ensure that students are thoughtful about the costumes that they are wearing to school. Being proactive can help all of us to avoid uncomfortable situations at school and can help us ensure that Halloween is a time where all students feel safe and honored. 
Please talk with your student to make sure that the costume that they have selected does not portray a stereotyped image of a culture or group of people. In addition, please help students to make sure that their costume is not offensive to any racial, ethnic or religious group, any people with disabilities or illnesses, or any other group of people. Costumes should not become opportunities to turn a person’s identity into a stereotyped image. While students might choose to dress as a famous person or character whose identity is different than their own, please reinforce the importance of not darkening skin or using makeup to change a child’s skin color to match the person who they are dressing up to be. Students are often unaware of the long history these traditions have of causing harm and need our help in understanding why it can be hurtful and problematic.  
Some examples of costumes that can be problematic include: Native American costumes involving headdresses or feathers, dressing as a homeless person, dressing as a person with any physical or mental disability, or dressing in any costume that portrays a narrow or negative stereotype about a specific ethnicity, religion or race.
If you are looking for further resources in order to better understand this issue, here are two articles with information:
We look forward to celebrating with all of the students on Halloween and appreciate your help in making sure that it is a fun day for everyone. If you have any questions at all regarding the day, please feel free to reach out.  
Dr. Jeff Harding, Riverdale School District Superintendent 
Abby Rotwein, Riverdale School District Director of Equity and Inclusion

Important dates

  • Thursday, Oct. 21 - Junior College Night from 6-7 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 9 - Sophomore College Night from 6-7 p.m.
  • Thursday, Nov. 18 - Freshmen College Night from 6-7 p.m.