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Riverdale now has its own weather station

Posted on Jan. 18, 2017

There are more than 200,000 personal weather stations comprising Weather Underground’s vast network – now including one at Riverdale. 

On Tuesday, Jan. 10, just hours before the historic winter storm that would dump snow in record time, middle school science teacher Dietrich Nebert and technology coordinator Jeff Bjorn activated the data uplink system and installed the hardware atop the southeast corner of the Commons building. 

“All the data I see looks accurate and in agreement with neighboring stations,” Mr. Nebert says. “We will have localized forecasts as well as historical data to allow students to interpret weather data in a graph format. The data includes barometric pressure, temperature, precipitation, wind direction and speed, and dew point.” 

With Riverdale’s new weather station, the Riverdale school community will be able to monitor real-time weather conditions at the school from anywhere by accessing Weather Underground's website or the corresponding mobile app. This includes viewing 14-day forecasts and signing up for custom weather alerts via text or email. 

These readings will definitely help the district interpret current and imminent weather conditions that may impact the school day – a useful tool during a winter that has already seen eight school closures due to snow. 

There are also plans to mount a live display screen inside the grade school for students to view live data and conditions.  

Access Riverdale’s weather station data at or select weather station KORPORTL605 from the choices at