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Tootling vs. tattling

Posted on Dec. 21, 2018

Tootle board covered in notes praising students

RIVERDALE GRADE SCHOOL – Tootling is all the rage in the 3rd grade classrooms. It may sound like a funny word, but the impact is quite serious. 

“We are discussing the importance of tootling, which means noticing the positive things our peers are doing instead of focusing on the negative,” says teacher Lauren Howley, who created a board in the hallway where her students can write down their tootles and post them for others to see. “They LOVE it!” 

Each morning the class discusses the importance of recognizing kindness, as well as noticing positive words and actions. Examples of tootles include:

  • “Chloe picked up a banana peel on the soccer field.” 
  • “Imrie cheered me up when I was feeling sad.”
  • “Rowan shared her snack with me when I didn't have one.”
  • “Omar was reading silently when everyone else was talking.”

Passing by? Other students and staff are invited to add a tootle to the board.