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Two RGS students win awards for Holocaust awareness

Posted on May 7, 2019

Congratulations to 7th grader Reese G. for winning second place and 8th grader Emilie C. for winning third place in the middle school category for the 2019 Sala Kryszek Art & Writing Competition. 

The competition encourages youth to evaluate history, foster an awareness of the Holocaust and broaden their minds in the areas of art, history, civics, sociology and literature. Students were asked to create a piece of writing or a work of art around a set of prompting questions that provided an opportunity for students to consider the circumstances in which a situation like the Holocaust can occur.

Read Emilie’s winning poem, “Fog.”

Reese’s winning artwork, “Packing Away Family” is pictured below. The picture shows a child packing their belongings for the Kindertransport, including a
memento they are taking one last look of. Inside the photo are their parents who have been stamped as Jews. (The writing throughout the art piece is in German.)

drawing of photo in a frame