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Nov. 17 Riverdale Grade School News

Riverdale School

Wednesday, Nov. 17

Riverdale Grade School News

Dear Families,
As we end our first trimester and head into an extended break, I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to all who help make Riverdale Grade School an amazing place to be. We are a community with many gifts and talents, which we share daily with one another and most importantly, our students. From the classroom, to our living room and all points in-between, our collective efforts to raise the whole child are filled with passion, commitment and a willingness to make decisions that may be hard, but will have a positive and lasting influence in the future for all. 
Parents, thank you for entrusting us with your most precious gift. We recognize the trust you put in us to nurture and love your children. I am grateful to our wonderful, talented, creative, inquisitive, optimistic, resourceful and resilient students. They make us laugh, they always make us think, and most of all, they make us better. Lastly, I’d like to express my gratitude to our phenomenal staff. Each day, they come to school, commit to know, educate and love each student as an individual. RGS staff makes this building a school and a place to grow and learn. 
Finally, I am thankful to serve as the interim principal of RGS. My career as a public school educator has given me many rewarding opportunities to teach and to learn from our students. Their sense of enthusiasm, hope and joy for life is infectious and makes our school and community magical. 
And thank you to the PTC for your continued support and generosity by bringing a delicious breakfast for our staff this morning.
I wish everyone a safe and happy break full of family and good food. 
With gratitude, 
Jen McDonald
Pictured above: Staff were invited to pick a fellow coworker to write them a letter of thanks.

December 6th-10th


Grade School Spirit Week 

Made by the 8th grade leadership team

Monday, December 6th is Sports Day!

Dress up in your sports gear, or any of your favorite jerseys from any sports. For example, you could include your own jersey or jerseys from famous sports teams, such as the Blazers or Timbers. If you don’t have any of those, you can just wear athletic gear!

Tuesday, December 7th is Opposite Age Day!

Dress as an age group that is not your own. Be a grandparent, or a baby or even a middle-aged person. For example, wear a onesie or dress for a night out at bingo. 

Wednesday, December 8th is Mismatch Day!

On this day, wear anything that clashes! For example, wear mismatching socks, opposite colors, random hairstyles and more

Thursday, December 9th is Color Day!

Each grade will have their own color assigned to them. For example, if your grade color is red you could dress up in as much of your assigned color. You could wear a red sweatshirt, red socks or even a red blanket!
  • Kinder: Red
  • 1st: Orange
  • 2nd: Yellow
  • 3rd: Green 
  • 4th: Blue 
  • 5th: Pink
  • 6th: Purple
  • 7th: Black
  • 8th: Neon
  • Staff: Rainbow

Friday, December 10th is PJ day!

Wear your pajamas to school! If you want, you can wear your slippers or even bring your stuffed animal! For example, you could wear a onesie and bring your favorite stuffed animal. 

Grade School Food Drive December 6-10!

This winter, many people in the Portland Metro Area will be hungry. Food insecurity is a very prominent problem in our city, and we wanted to spread awareness and see how we can help out by working with Lift Up Portland to donate food to those in need.
Lift Up Portland supplies opportunities for those in need of food to select food items that they can eat and enjoy for free. Their mission is to reduce hunger and help to improve the lives of low income residents in Northwest and Downtown Portland. They also provide delivered food boxes for those who are not able to attend their food pantry events. This organization is doing great work for those in need. 
Lift Up Portland has specific food requests for things that they need most. These include: 
  • Low sodium* food (soups, canned vegetables, prepared foods) *under 140 mg of sodium
  • Dry oatmeal, cereal, and breakfast items (boxed or canned)
  • Canned proteins (tuna, chicken, and other meats)
  • Canned or dried beans (must be sealed packages)
  • Peanut butter/alternative nut butters
  • Sugar-free canned fruits and vegetables
  • Shelf stable milk (dairy or dairy alternatives)
  • Whole grain pasta (sealed packages)
  • Gluten free foods 
All donations are appreciated, but please try to reference the list so we can give them what they need the most. Additionally, keep in mind that all food needs to be in sealed packages or canned, and cannot be refrigerated or frozen. Lift Up Portland also can’t accept any homemade foods.

How to participate

We will be collecting food the week of December 6th-10th (the second week after fall break). Leadership will place bins outside of every classroom. Drop off your cans in the bin designated to your classroom (or bins divided by grades for 5-8th graders) at the end of the day, leadership will collect all of the cans and count them. The grade with the most cans collected at the end of the week will win a prize!
You can reference the link below to learn more about Lift Up Portland, their mission and more ways to help our community!
- Made by the 8th grade Leadership Class

From Student Holiday Helpers

Toy Drive

Hi Everyone! 
We are the Holiday Helpers, and we are putting on a toy drive. The toy drive is from November 19th to December 17th. We would really appreciate it if you would donate.
Extra Information:
  • All donations go to Doernbecher Children's Hospital, and they are for kids who can't be home for the holidays.
  • The donation window is November 19th-December 17th
  • A donation table will be under the stairs 
  • We are only accepting new toys due to Covid-19
We appreciate your time, and thank you. 

Youth Covid-19 Vaccine Clinics

Portland area school health clinics run by MESD are now offering Covid-19 vaccinations for youth aged 5-19. 
Flyers in English and Spanish are included on this Youth Vaccine Clinics document. 


Community Affinity Sessions

Last spring, we held listening sessions for community members from historically marginalized groups.  We will be holding our second session for these groups in the coming weeks. You are welcome to join even if you did not participate in a previous session. All of these meetings will be held virtually.
These sessions are only for caregivers, not for students.
Caregivers of Students of Color and Caregivers of Color:  This meeting is for caregivers, parents, and guardians of students who are Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern/North African, Latine/Latina/Latino, multiracial or biracial. This meeting is also for caregivers, parents and guardians who are in any of the above categories.
Wednesday, November 17th, 6-7 p.m. Sign-up to participate here.

From the PTC

Original Works Program

The Riverdale PTC has teamed up with Original Works again this year to offer a special program. Artwork created by your child at home or at school can be displayed on professionally made products like note cards, coffee mugs, phone covers, and more! You can choose as many of your favorite works of art as you like. Students in grades K-4 will be bringing home art on Friday, Nov. 19 that will work perfectly for these items. 5-8th graders will get an envelope with cardstock to create a piece of art for this project - also going home on Friday, Nov. 19.
You can place your order directly on the Original Works web site by uploading your images of choice. Please click HERE for instructions. Must be ordered by November 29. 
The products will be delivered to you at home in December and make great gifts! All the proceeds from this fundraiser go to the PTC Art Literacy program. 
Please contact Kris Vanberg with questions.

Important Dates

  • Monday, Nov. 29 - RGS Winter Sports Begin
  • 11/22-11/26 - Fall Break 
  • 12/20-31 - Winter Break