Riverdale School District News

Posted by Joanna Tobin on 2/12/2021

Dear Riverdale Community, 
I hope you are staying warm and cozy this weekend. We continue to forge ahead with planning for our return to in-person learning and are working with our entire workforce in this detailed, multi-layered work. Our school teams have been using their creativity to hone in on 5-6th, 7-8th and HS plans for return to in-person learning. We will share these plans with the Instruction Planning Team on Wednesday, Feb. 17 and polish a bit more on Feb. 19 in advance of the upcoming presentation to our School Board on Monday, Feb. 22. 
Thank you for contributing questions to the FAQ page via email to our Communications Coordinator Elizabeth Gibson. To stay up-to-date, please frequent our FAQ page, read our district emails and attend the Monday, Feb. 22 Board Meeting. We will continue to update the FAQ page with more information. 
As we enter into this Valentine’s Day weekend, I’ll share with you something I love...I love joining together to solve complex problems and applaud the very hard work that is going on behind the scenes in support of students. We look forward to sharing all of this with you as we gather more input. I also love hearing from high school students who still had school today despite the snow. I imagine they may want to negotiate returning to the “no school during snow days” concept. Please share with your students that I hope they are outside building a family of snowpeople. We also welcome replying to this email with pictures to add to our social media. 
Take really good care,
Joanna Tobin
Interim Superintendent