Feb 18 Equity & Inclusion Corner

Posted by Abby Rotwein on 2/18/2022

Equity & Inclusion Corner

Holidays and Celebrations 

We hope that our Buddhist community had a celebratory Magha Puja. 
February 20th is the World Day of Social Justice. The purpose of this day is to promote social development and human rights worldwide. 
February 21st is Presidents Day, which honors all U.S. Presidents, past and present. 
To our Bahá’í community, we hope you have a meaningful Ayyám-i-ha.
Happy Maha Shivarati to our Hindu community. 

No Place for Hate at Riverdale High School

No Place for Hate is a student-led program at RHS in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League. The program helps students shift school culture by focusing on the topics of bullying, bias, equity, and inclusion. 
At RHS, we have 17 students in the group and three staff leaders: Abby Rotwein, Jack Marvin, and David Thompson. Students in the group have completed 12 hours of formal training and meet after school each week for two hours to learn and plan events that will positively impact our school culture. It is a big commitment, and we are proud of the students for their hard work and dedication. 
This week, No Place for Hate students led a training for high school staff on the topics of identity and microaggressions. Over the course of the month of March, No Place for Hate students will teach similar content to all students at the high school during three advisory sessions. It is not easy to stand in front of your peers and discuss these challenging topics - we appreciate the leadership and bravery of these young people.
- Abby Rotwein (she/her), Director of Equity & Inclusion