Every dollar, and every donor, counts in the foundation’s Annual Campaign

Posted by Riverdale School Board on 11/8/2016

Dear Riverdale Families, 

Each fall, the Riverdale School Foundation embarks on a big undertaking that is vital to our district – to raise the funds necessary for our schools to continue to provide the exceptional, enhanced education we’ve all come to know and expect. 

The Riverdale School Foundation and the Riverdale School Board count on every family to participate in order to reach the $1.1 million goal. Your donations are truly an investment in our schools, our children and our community. We hope you know just how important every donation, and every donor, is to the overall success of the education we provide. 

Parent and community contributions bridge the gap between state school funding and what it actually costs to provide an exceptional Riverdale education – a gap that can run as high as $6,000 per student. Or to think of it another way:

  • YOU fund approximately eight teachers each year, allowing the district to maintain small class sizes and personalized, experiential learning.
  • YOU ensure an integrated curriculum that includes dedicated teachers for art, music, technology, library and PE at the grade school.
  • YOU provide a wide range of electives at the high school to create well-rounded students.
  • YOU also fund the new full-time college counselor who is helping our students navigate the next phase of their education.


We understand every family has different circumstances. What is important is that each contributes at a personally meaningful level. Riverdale’s success has always been based on our families’ willingness to give – of their time, their talent and their treasure. Your participation at any level adds up and makes a world of difference to Riverdale students. Plus, it shows our community that each enrolled family is personally invested in seeing our district succeed. 

Thank you to all who have already donated or pledged to the campaign. And for those who still have it on your to do lists, we urge you to donate or pledge by the end of the campaign, which is Friday, Nov. 18. With everyone’s support we can reach the finish line. Remember, pledges do not need to be fulfilled until April 30, 2017. Please visit www.riverdalefoundation.org to show your support for our schools.



The Riverdale School Board

Michael Gunter, Chair

John Bogaty, Vice Chair

Nicole Grayson

Michelle Janke

Joe Prats