Community Meeting Notes- June 1st, 2022

Posted by Grace Thompson on 6/1/2022

1. GSA/TSU- Sophia D.- Exciting news! Bee and I are graduating this year, but Riverdale's queer community is in good hands: Sasha, Saph, and Jules will be bringing you GSA and TSU next year as one cohesive movement. We have tons of ideas for next year and plan to get underclassmen Gay Skate will continue, ask for a link to the discord server! Happy Pride Month! Sko Mavs!

2. Student Union- Colin C.- We will be having elections for next year’s student school board representative via Google Forms in advisory today. Thank you to Abby Z. for serving this year. Also a huge thank you to everyone involved in student union this year: Truly M., Nova S., Claire H., Lincoln S., Audrey B., Olivia S., Beckett P., and Ashley K. 

3. Environmental Club- Adeline C.- We are holding a gift basket giveaway raffle! We are going to be selling tickets during lunch in the Maverick Room, and all profits will go toward our sister school, Nam Mon Secondary School in Vietnam. Raffle tickets are $8 for your first ticket and $4 for every subsequent ticket. 

4. Maverick Club- Vittoria C.- 

1) SENIORS:  Graduation yard signs are being personalized and printed and will be at the school Friday. Take yours home and display it proudly!

2) SENIOR BABY PHOTO CONTEST for all students & staff: watch for the photo display going up after lunch today in the main hallway. Identify the baby photos, submit your answers by Friday afternoon.  Winner gets a prize. (Seniors, keep your baby identities a secret, please!)

3) KONA SHAVE ICE TRUCK is heading our way, Friday during lunch. Free shave ice for all students and staff, thanks to the PTC!  

5. Yearbook- Helen M. & Audrey B.- Students, fill out the survey sent to your Riverdale email to help us with the yearbook. It is anonymous, but if you send a screenshot of the completed survey to us via Instagram before 10pm you will be entered to win a prize of $5!

6. Seniors’ Google Accounts- Mr. Bjorn- Seniors: one more reminder that your Riverdale Google account will be disabled after you graduate.  The tentative date for this to occur is July 1st.  Please mark your calendars. Be sure to migrate any important files and/or e-mails to another account shortly after graduation to avoid losing anything that's important to you.  Google Takeout provides one option for doing so.

7. Chess Club- Eddie B.- Chess club will meet this Thursday during lunch in the library. I am looking for a junior or sophomore who would like to lead the club with Jack Marvin next school year. 

8. Art for Snacks- Mr. Orton- If you had art displayed for district arts night, and you return it to my room after school today, Thursday or Friday (with any tacks/clips), I will give you a snack!

9. Library Materials Due- Mrs. Hansen- It’s time to return your library materials. Seniors- you won’t receive your diploma until all of your library materials have been turned in. I will be sending an email out to all of you to let you know what you have checked out and what needs turned back in. Underclassmen, ask your teachers what you’ll need for finals and turn in anything you don’t need before finals. Thanks!

10. Athletics Uniforms Due- Mr. Lady- I need any sports uniforms from this year turned back in before the end of school. Seniors, you will not receive your diploma until your uniform has been returned.

11. Kindness Matters Auction- Vittoria C.- Thank you for a great week last week with all of the kindness matters events and auction. We raised over $5000! If you still need to pay for an item you won, come to the Maverick room during lunch/after school and/or find Mr. Thompson. Also, the community online auction is still live!