Studying cabbage variables

Posted by Riverdale Grade School on 4/7/2017

What better way to welcome the spring than to do some learning in our outdoor classroom! With the guidance of Riverdale’s Garden Specialist, Lauren Rosenstein, our 3rd graders learned about what could help a cabbage plant grow to its fullest potential. They decided to test some variables, and they will observe, measure and record plant growth during their weekly visits to the garden this spring. 

Variables include:

1) A control cabbage was planted all by itself with plenty of space

2) A number of cabbages are paired up with companion plants such as potatoes or beans

3) A couple of cabbages are planted close together

4) Some cabbages planted in the bioswale at the side of the building (a different soil composition).   

This is a great introduction to the class’ Structures of Life unit that will be starting soon.

Girl planting a plant in the garden  Group of students planting in the garden  Students get ready to plant cabbage plants