Outdoor learning, and spring cleaning in the garden

Posted by Riverdale School District on 4/12/2017

Last month, several of our teachers and parents (pictured below) attended a symposium on expanding students’ nature experience, creative ways to sustain outdoor spaces and optimizing creative play. Following that, the Outdoor Learning Committee has now met twice and is discussing how to support teachers and students in accessing the school grounds for learning opportunities and curriculum tie-ins. We sincerely appreciate of all of the auction success and contributions made by the community toward this endeavor.

Currently the committee needs more helping hands with small, ongoing projects and we hope you’ll consider joining us for a spring cleaning work party at 2:45 p.m. next Wednesday, April 19, in the garden area.

The committee also has larger projects and goals for the creation of an outdoor classroom – adding fencing to preserve the garden space (shelter from deer), and potentially adding playground shade trees. Your participation on the committee is welcome, as are all helping hands for the spring cleaning event next week.

teachers and parents attend a symposium about children and nature  Riverdale Grade School garden